Beauty treatment


All refreshing facials include deep aromatic cleansing, exfoliation and massage for face, neck, shoulders and hands. A revitalizing mask and mosturizers using botanicals and essentials oil nourish, hydrate and balance the skin.

Flower Facial ( Sari Ayu )

A cleansing treatment of exotic and sensual essense of ylang-ylang, assists to balance combination skin combined with lemon to strengthen broken capillaries and excellent toning effect and rose and rehydrate and rejuvenate.

IDR 130.000 / USD 11 (60 min)

* Price Plus 12% Government Tax

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treatment img

Seaweed Facial

The clay draws out the polontants tones, refines the texture and is an ideal treatment for hydrate dry or mature skin.

IDR 135.000 / USD 12 (60 min)

Aloevera Facial ( Biokos )

Aloevera is a juicy jelly plant extract stimulating the skin cellular, membrane which softens heals and soothis and cooling the face especially benefecial to use after wind and sun exposure.

IDR 130.000 / USD 11 (60 min)

* Price Plus 12% Government Tax

Cream Treatment ( Hair and Scalp Conditioning )

Beginning with a deep cleansing shampoo, using natural plant extracts of aloevera highlighting a healthy shine, followed by a relaxing massage to increase the flow of blood to the roots of the hair. Using conditioner of ginseng and seaweed to moisten and nourish the hair. Gradually massaging down the neck and solder to gentle smooth away any tenstion. To allow deep penetration of these plant extracts the hair is gently steamed.

IDR 130.000 / USD 11 (60 min)

* Price Plus 12% Government Tax

Our manicure and pedicure are conclude massage, uses nourishing botanical extracts with meticulous grooming techniques. Essential oil and plant extracts scrub to increase blood circulation and softening the skin.

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Without polish

IDR 80.000 / USD 7

With polish

IDR 100.000 / USD 9


Without polish

IDR 90.000 / USD 8

With polish

IDR 110.000 / USD 10

Wash And Blowdry IDR 80.000 / USD 7

Shampoo,Wash,Hair Tonic,Head Massage

Hair Braiding ( 120 min )

Includes hair wash, hair tonic and head massage.


IDR 130.000 / USD 11


IDR 175.000 / USD 15


IDR 210.000 / USD 18


* All prices are subject to 12% government tax.
* All prices are subject to change without notice.